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Outdoor Studies

The certificate in Outdoor Skills and Leadership is an intensive nine-month humanities program that offers students the opportunity to better understand their relation to the natural world and to develop skills and characteristics that are essential to success as an individual, a group member, and a leader in outdoor and adventure settings.

The program incorporates outdoor risk management, leadership skills, specific outdoor activity skills, and academic work. The combination of outdoor and academic courses is designed to develop not only knowledge but also personal traits such as self-reliance and good judgment.

Students working to become outdoor professionals, wanting to achieve more general goals related to personal development and leadership, or wanting to better understand the natural world will benefit from the program.

Outdoor Studies Program Sheet (1.3Mb)

Outdoor Studies Program
Hendrickson Bldg Room 203
11066 Auke Lake Way
Juneau, AK
Mailstop: SOB1

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