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What Our Grads Say



Micaela"Any student that has engaged in biology at UAS could whole-heartedly say that it is inferior to none. I came to UAS as a REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) student in 2006 while I was attending school in Colorado. I was immediately whisked away to the Alaskan Arctic where I spent my days on the frozen ocean assisting Dr. Brendan Kelly and his research group." More »



Suzie Terlink measuring HalibutI transferred to UAS with a varied array of university attendance already under my belt. I had previously been enrolled in other schools in Utah, Anchorage, Hawaii, and Mexico. While all were important experiences, none offered the comprehensive, stimulating, and personalized education I found at UAS. The transfer to UAS represented a marked change in my perception toward education and of self application." More »



Hiking in old growth forestI was never a typical college student. After high school I joined the military and once I completed my enlistment I decided to give college a try. With Northern Exposure reruns running through my mind, I was convinced Alaska was the place for me. However, my start was not the one of happy sitcoms – a lot of my classes did not hold my attention and I dreamed of my classes ending when I could hike out into the steep coastal mountains. This all changed the semester I began to take courses for my biology major – Animal Physiology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Ichthyology, these are the classes I had been waiting to take." More »



Kyle I saw very early on that the “classrooms” at UAS extended into the intertidal and beyond, as nearly all biology courses included scheduled trips into the surrounding environment of Southeast Alaska. The doors of opportunity were literally opened up for me at UAS to explore the wilds of biology. The surrounding marine environments, coupled with the faculty’s desire to motivate and challenge me as an undergraduate student, made for a memorable, meaningful, and applicable experience that culminated in my graduation." More »



DogfishShark Catch Dynamic classes are the norm for UAS. I had many great professors during the 4 years I spent at UAS, thus, it is impossible to single out an individual. Most of my professors encouraged me and other students to pursue our interests and gain career-orientated experience, which is not hard to do because of the myriad of government agencies present in Juneau. For example, from 1998-2000 I assisted local NMFS biologists on shark-tagging trips in Prince William Sound. This research involved bringing live salmon sharks aboard a vessel to record scientific information and deploy archival satellite tags. It was truly a life-changing experience." More »



Kayaking Studying at UAS was like nothing I had experienced before. It was so great to be able to walk right outside the lab to collect marine organisms and learn about the marine environment. This was vastly different from my previous university, where we rarely interacted with the organisms we studied in zoology courses. Instead of just studying the phylogenetic tree in a textbook, I was able to view every lineage first hand through exploring the intertidal and scuba diving to investigate subtidal organisms." More »



PortrateMy first college experience was at a large university in Salt Lake City. I knew I wanted to major in Biology, but soon found out that most people in my classes were pre-med. This meant that all of my classes had an emphasis on human biology, and sort of skimmed past the animals." More »


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