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The Mathematical Association of America's Careers page ( cited two good reasons back in 2014.

First, mathematics opens doors to a wide range of promising career paths. For example, in addition to Mathematical Research and Teaching, analytical and general problem solving skills acquired in mathematics coursework are known to be invaluable for careers in Actuarial Science and Accounting, Business Management, Computing, Engineering, Investment Analysis, Law, Medicine and the Life Sciences, Military and Public Services, the Physical Sciences, and Sales and Marketing.

Second, according recent studies performed by CareerCast, the work environment, income, job outlook, and stress level for individuals working in the mathematical sciences (mathematician, or statistician, or related fields) are frequently ranked among the top ten most favorable among a wide range of careers.

The UAS Mathematics Program is a small program comprising a dedicated and enthusiastic faculty who thrive on high quality teaching, and emphasize student-centered and collaborative learning. We believe that, with adequate self-motivation, openness to learning, commitment and effort, anyone can learn mathematics.

Students studying mathematics at UAS have access to many benefits and opportunities.

  • Small class sizes result in an excellent student-to-faculty ratio - the opportunities for personalized attention are very favorable.
  • Invaluable hands-on training and experience in tutoring can be gained while working toward a degree at UAS - employment opportunities (and training) for tutoring and grading in lower level mathematics and statistics courses are available in the dynamic Juneau Campus Learning Center. Cohorts of past students have found such high-impact learning activities very rewarding and helpful in consolidating skills in doing and communicating fundamental concepts and methods in mathematics; developing interpersonal skills; and gaining valuable insights from their peers, Learning Center staff, and mathematics faculty. Tutoring opportunities are also available through other departments and programs, two popular ones being the Office of Disability Services and the PITAAS Program.
  • Exceptional opportunities in interdisciplinary learning are available - those with a leaning toward the applications of mathematics or statistics have access to coursework and hands-on field experience in other disciplines where the mathematical sciences find use.
  • Through their Capstone Project, mathematics majors have a variety of options for study beyond what is covered in regular coursework - broad areas include secondary school teaching, history of mathematics, applied or pure mathematics, statistics, interdisciplinary applications of the mathematical sciences, or advanced topics in preparation for graduate studies in the mathematical sciences.

Finally, at UAS close interaction between students and their instructors,  their faculty advisors and their capstone mentors provide an environment that is conducive to an enjoyable and effective learning experience.

The possibilities that can be opened through studies at UAS are quite varied, and careful planning through consultations with advisers and others can ensure a successful, rewarding and enjoyable experience.

UAS graduates with a BS in mathematics have moved in many different directions.  For example: some have gone on to graduate studies in mathematics; others have completed the UAS MAT Program and begun careers in high school teaching; some have pursued further studies in other disciplines (e.g. Law School, Medical School, and Chemistry); others have entered employment at UAS, with the State of Alaska, environmental consulting firms, the tourist industry, engineering, and the software industry.

Double majors (mathematics-marine biology or mathematics-environmental sciences) have typically gone on to graduate school in their second discipline or entered employment related to wildlife, fishing, the tourist industry, or local environmental consulting firms.

If you have decided you want to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at UAS, here's how you can get the ball rolling. Click on the following link and follow the directions given.

If you have further questions contact Brian Blitz (the UAS Mathematics Program Coordinator) by email at or by phone at (907) 796-6506.

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