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Minor in Mathematics

Today's college graduates will benefit by having advanced quantitative and critical thinking skills. The minor in mathematics is designed to provide students with a solid background in calculus as well as introduce them to upper division mathematics. UAS students minoring in mathematics will develop competence and confidence in problem solving, quantitative skills and critical thinking. Having such skills will open doors to the world of science and business that may otherwise be closed. 

This minor in mathematics is intended for students enrolled in the following degree programs: Business Administration, Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Information Systems, Elementary Education and Liberal Arts (General Studies emphasis students should consult with an advisor before choosing this minor).

Degree Requirements

Please refer to the academic catalog for a complete list of course requirements.

Bachelor of Science: Mathematics

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is designed to enhance skills in critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, research and communication skills by incorporating the breadth of a Liberal Arts degree. The mathematics faculty designed the curriculum with student success in mind. The liberal arts emphasis combined with individually focused research projects will result in well-rounded graduates having specialized skills. These strengths and skills will open doors to a wide range of jobs in finance, industry, government and education.

Mathematics majors are encouraged to take courses in biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science. This gives them the chance to gain hands-on experience in one of the world's most beautiful natural laboratories - experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime. The program is designed so that it has the flexibility to enable mathematics majors to easily add a second major (or science majors to add a mathematics major). This will give graduates an even wider array of employment opportunities.

In addition to interdisciplinary courses, another feature of the program is that mathematics majors participate in undergraduate research during their last two years. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, students design their own research programs to take advantage of their areas of strength and/or professional interest. This unique opportunity for specialization enhances graduates' likelihood of success in continuing their education or in the job market.

Degree Requirements

Please refer to the academic catalog for a complete list of course requirements.

Beginning Fall 2018 these new opportunities will become available to UAS undergraduate students (and others) through the IBA. For information on these programs, go to the IBA Graduate Certificate Programs website. If you have further questions, contact the IBA directly, or you may also contact Chris Hay-Jahans, the UAS IBA Liaison and Graduate Advisor: Tel: (907) 796-6408, Email:


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