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What Students Say 

I am not a teacher; only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead—ahead of myself as well as of you.
—George Bernard Shaw

The most important people to us in the social science department are our students. And the most important thing we do is to provide them with the best possible education that we can. We hear from many students about how much they appreciated the education they received at UAS. Two of these students have written short pieces below.

Student : "In May 2001, I received my degree. This was an important day for me—one I thought would never come. I was a non-traditional student, which meant I first got a career then I got married and then got my degree. I was a part-time student for ten years, and full-time for two in order to complete the degree. It was tough working everything in—but every minute of struggle, stress, homework and sleeplessness was worth it.

"When I began my upper division education at UAS I was assigned Virginia Mulle as an advisor. As my interest and focus was on the social sciences she was able to guide me and continually encourage me to register for classes that both challenged me but were also beneficial to securing my degree. She was also responsible for putting me in touch with Dr. Jonathan Anderson, Director of the MPA program. She motivated me to continue my education, and I am now a graduate student in the MPA program at UAS.

"During my undergraduate career a number of professors were inspirational to me. Professor Robin Walz helped me look at history in an entirely new light. Professor Kevin Krein challenged me with philosophy and logic. And Professor Clive Thomas inspired me to look at politics, an area of the social sciences I had never even considered before, and enabled me to have one of the experiences of my life—working as a legislative intern for Representative Con Bunde of Anchorage.

"Throughout my 12-year educational career, the most meaningful part of it was spent at the smallest campus I attended, with professors who pushed me harder and farther than I had ever expected to go."


Student : "I graduated with my degree in December 2001. Some aspect of sociology is the field that I intend to pursue as a career. But the benefits of being in a social science degree program were far more than simply getting a degree. I underwent extensive personal growth as I acquired an in-depth awareness of the world and was able to critically analyze the social, economic and political systems around me."

"I know I have become a more valuable member of society as a result of studying the social sciences. In particular, to me the promotion of equality is key in our society. My education in the social sciences has considerably advanced my ability to identify and challenge those processes that perpetuate an inequitable society and to identify, promote and support those which enhance equality."

"On a broader level, the nature of our society requires an understanding and awareness of societal forces by those who are to deal with its problems and shape its future. In this regard, I believe that studying sociology, anthropology, psychology, history, economics, and government is essential to becoming a leader in any professional field and, indeed, for being a responsible member of society."

"All my instructors at UAS were of great help to me. But I would like to single out Ginny Mulle, Robin Walz and Rick Bellagh. Rick opened my mind to the joys of the Spanish language and culture which gave me a practical understanding of the cultural diversity I’d learned about in my social science classes."


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