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Volunteer Opportunities

Covid-19 Office Operations

Our offices are available for in-person, phone, or video appointments. Email or call for more information. Additional information is also available on the UA coronavirus information website.

In addition to work experience, volunteer experience can also be included on your resume. Gaining key skills and experience through volunteer opportunities can optimize your resume and make it more effective. Volunteering can also expand your network, which is how the majority (80%) of people find employment!

Volunteer opportunity with an AmeriCorps member at Housing First. Staff position is tasked with bringing positive, new activities for the tenants at Housing First that include hiking, painting, and games. Volunteers would assist with these activities. The goal is to help the tenants at Housing First to get to know more people and so they feel like more apart of the community.

If interested, contact Holly Casagrand at 417-893-9131 or at

You can also check out other volunteer opportunities at VolunteerMatch.