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Adding Files and Links to Blackboard

Files and hyperlinks can be added to any Content Area or Folder on Blackboard. At the top of a Content Area or Folder you'll see the buttons "Build Content", "Assessments", "Tools", etc.  Adding Files and Links is part of "Build Content"

NOTE - In Blackboard you can add files and links many different Content Areas or Folders - not just to the default Content Areas.  You can also mix content and assessments within the same Content Area or Folder.

Move your mouse cursor over the "Build Content" button and you'll see a variety of choices.

Build Content Menu

Adding a Folder

Choose "Content Folder" (3) to create a subfolder to organize your course content and activities.  The folder will have a name and description and its availability can be restricted.

Once you have created a folder click on its name to go inside.  There you'll see the buttons for "Build Content", "Assessments" etc. Each folder is a new content area.

Adding a File

A file may be uploaded placed in a Content Area by adding either an "Item" or a "File".  The advantage of using a Blackboard Item (1) is that a description can be added. In both cases you can restrict or time limit availability 

Details: Creating a Blackboard Item (pdf)

Adding an External Link

Choose "Web Link" (2) to add a hyperlink with description.  Paste the web address in the box labeled URL and add a name and description.  You can also attach files and restrict availability.

Editing existing files, items, links, folders

Next to the name of each Blackboard component will be a drop-down menu.  The button for this menu (a circle with arrow) only shows when you move your mouse over the element you wish to edit. 

Edit a Folder

Use this menu to edit, delete, move, copy, etc.   When you Edit an element you can not only change it's name or description, you can change options such as availability.

Choose Edit to modify an element


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