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The Discussion Board contains Forums which allow class participants to make posts and reply to others. Forums are created by the instructor who sets options such as availability, grading or ability to subscribe.  A "Thread" consists of an initial post and all replies.  

Enabling the Discussion Board

  • When your Blackboard Course Site is initially created, the link to the Discussion Board (Discussions) is hidden from students.  This is indicated by the slashed square next to this menu entry (1).
  • Enable use of the Discussion Board, use the drop-down menu (2) to the right of the menu entry and choosing "Show Link" (3).

This image shows the way to make links visible in Blackboard.

Creating a Forum

In order for your students to post, you'll need to make at least one Discussion Board Forum.

  • Click on the Course Menu link "Discussions"
  • Click on the button "Create Forum"
  • Set options for the forum
  • Submit

Generally you should create a separate forum for each separately graded assignment.

Linking to a Forum From Within a Specific Folder

Placing a link to a forum in a specific folder that corresponds to a module, unit or week. 

  • Go to the folder 
  • From the "Tools" menu choose "Discussion Board"
  • Here you can either link to an existing forum or create a new one.

Note that when your students click on this link they will be deposited inside the forum - thus bypassing the forum description and any instructions there.  You will need to repeat instructions in the description for the link.

Discussion Board Grader

If you use the Discussion Board for Graded work then you'll want to check out the Discussion Board Grader.

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