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UAS requires that every course site have a syllabus posted by the first day of class. In the UAS System you must upload your syllabus using the "UAS Syllabus" tool.  

First have the syllabus prepared using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.  Save the syllabus on your computer.  Converting the syllabus to a "pdf" file is a good practice (if possible).  

Go to UAS Online ( and sign in with your username and password.  Click on the link to your course.

To upload your syllabus to Blackboard:

On the left side of the course site is the Course Menu.  The default course menu has a tool called "UAS Syllabus".  Click on the link "UAS Syllabus"

Image of Course Menu

Click the Browse button and find the syllabus file on  your computer. Choose the syllabus and then click "Open".

The syllabus will open in the content frame. 

Browse for your syllabus on your computer

If you ever need to update your syllabus - click on the "Update Syllabus" link near the top of the displayed syllabus.

Update link in upper right

Prior to the start of the semester the syllabus link is hidden, as indicated by the square with slash (1). To show the syllabus use the drop-down menu to the right of the syllabus link (2) and choose "Show Link" (3) The square with slash should disappear.

Show Link using the menu to the right of the UAS Syllabus link

Printable Instructions

Step-by-step instructions:Uploading a Syllabus to your Blackboard Course Site (pdf)


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