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You can insert pictures in the questions. Simply insert the image in a paragraph following the question text.

These must be single image files - not images draw or annotated using Word's drawing tools.  Picture formats don't have to be web-compatible - for example you can insert clipart and Respondus will convert it to a web compatible format.

The test is loaded into Respondus as a "Respondus File".  These files are usually stored in My Documents in a folder called Respondus Projects. Choose "Save" from the File menu to save it.  Then you can open it again at a later time (to print or re-load to Blackboard) by choosing "Open" on the first page of Respondus.

Yes - you can save a zipped file from Respondus and then upload that to your Blackboard course site.  Instructions are below (screenshots are slightly older but the steps are the same).


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