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Respondus is a Windows program which lets you create and manage tests

  • Create tests in Word (you can even insert pictures in the questions!)
  • Tests can be easily uploaded to Blackboard
  • Tests can also be printed
  • Use Respondus to export tests and reports

Download Respondus and get Installation Code  (Requires UAS login)

UAS has an annual site license for Respondus, which renews in July. You may need to install the program with the updated password each year, depending on your server configuration.

Getting Started

Alternatives for Mac Users

Online Blackboard Test Generator from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

  • You can use this tool to convert a test that is in a Word document or text format into a Blackboard test.
  • The test may include Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False, Essay, Matching, or Ordering types of questions
  • Use this test template to format your test questions. Note - there are NO spaces between questions.

Patch for Respondus - allows connection to UAS Blackboard (needed in some cases).

We are currently working on a solution to allow users to upload their test directly from Respondus to Blackboard. In the meantime, please use the work-around described below to upload your test from Respondus to your course site.

Upload a test to Blackboard by saving as a zip file 

Use this method when you can't connect directly to Blackboard.  


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