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What is it?

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is an emerging movement of scholarly thought and action that draws on the reciprocal relationship between teaching and learning in higher education. STL invites professionals to examine their own classroom practices, record their successes and failures, and ultimately share their experiences so that others may reflect on their findings and build upon teaching and learning processes. STL serves as a conduit for disseminating contemporary research findings and making accessible practical applications of educational theories and practices related to teaching and learning.*

*adapted from the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 

Learn more about the scholarship of teaching and learning:

Interested in UAS' Digital Innovation and Digital Fellows Program?

Check out the Digital Fellows page on the Instructional Design Network website. This program is designed to promote digital innovative pedagogy and strategies that will lay the foundation and provide direction for integration into curricular practices. 

Specific topics related to the scholarship of teaching and learning:

Each page also includes information about recent and upcoming CELT events pertaining to that topic.



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