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08-10-20 From the Chancellor

Welcome back, UAS Faculty and Staff! 

I always love the start of a new school year and this year even more.  We face many challenges with COVID-19 but our students are ready to start or continue their educational pursuits and I look forward to helping them reach their goals. 

As you know the talk of a merger is behind us, thank goodness.   We still have budget challenges and expect about a two million dollar reduction to UAS for FY 22.  I will be asking everyone for input on where we can reduce costs so begin giving that some thought.  We also have an enrollment deficit and we all need to face this and work to increase our numbers.  This will be a focus of Chancellor’s Cabinet this year.  The Board of Regents passed a new resolution and four items were identified:

  1. As the university works to resize to a smaller solid foundation, develop clarity and standards for administrative and instructional costs relative to student enrollment and review structural options;
  2. Analyze opportunities and costs associated with a greater presence of fisheries and ocean science programs on the Juneau campus;
  3. Redouble efforts on collaboration across the system, program sharing, and partnerships with industry, communities, and tribal organizations; and,
  4. Assure the Alaska College of Education has clear roles and responsibilities for program delivery that address the priority of teacher education that are transparent and well-integrated across the system.

You will hear more about each of these as we work to address specific concerns in these items.  I have not yet heard if the Board of Regents will recommend searching for a new Chancellor at UAS but will keep you posted.

We are making some changes to the organizational structure.  Executive Cabinet will continue as it has; Cabinet will become a smaller group of academic Deans and Directors working on specific issues, like enrollment management; and Extended Cabinet which will include all members of the previous Cabinet.  The Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Council will be replaced by the Cabinet; and others will be called to participate when specific items are being addressed.  I am also asking each area to submit a brief, written report, at the end of each month. The reports will be compiled and sent to everyone at UAS. I hope this increases transparency. 

COVID-19 will continue to be a challenge but our faculty, staff, and students have been incredibly understanding and helpful. I again ask that is if you have specific needs related to childcare, elder care, or any other reason, you meet with your supervisor to figure out the best work plan for you.  I want to be as flexible as possible, ensure people have work, and provide for coverage in our front offices. Remember that we will need to use the COVID tracker system so we know who is on campus, facial, coverings are required, and we will continue to insist on social distancing.

Let’s have a great semester, show others how to be nimble, and continue to provide great UAS services to our students.  

So stay tuned and stay in touch, 

Dr. Karen Carey
UAS Interim Chancellor