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UAS Students: Greetings and Welcome to the Fall Semester! - August 28, 2023

Hello Everyone,

As we embark on the Fall 2023 semester, I wanted to send you a note to tell you how excited I am to be here with you as your new Chancellor! I've been in the position for about 2 months now and I still feel the way I did on the day that I accepted the job: This is a dream come true. I feel so grateful to have been offered the position and I'm thrilled to have found a home at UAS! Now that fall is here, I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better!

The fall semester has always been very special to me. It feels a lot like a blank slate or like being in wide-open spaces, filled with possibilities. Even the wildest dreams seem achievable. The added crispness of the morning air only adds to the thrill. Before coming to UAS, I was a biology professor for about 22 years and I looked forward to every fall because I loved seeing my students. Now, as Chancellor, it is even more thrilling to welcome all of you and wish you an amazing semester. Enjoy and please know that we are all cheering you on here at UAS!


Dr. Aparna Palmer