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WebDev Email List

Every contributor in the CMS is a member of the WebDev email list when their CMS account is created. As a member of the WebDev you will receive periodic messages regarding changes to the CMS, Tips & Tricks, training opportunities and more. Currently there are over 150 members in the WebDev.

CMS Permissions

When a new user is created permissions are configured. Permissions vary between departments, schools and campus and are tailored for need. As needs change, permissions can be adjusted.

CMS Training

You are at the CMS help site and that is a good sign. New users can become familiar with the CMS by viewing our help pages and watching our video tutorials. After viewing the site, it is best to first find a CMS contributor in your area to discuss the workflow and particularities for your area before arranging for CMS training. There are periodic group training sessions that are announced through the WebDev email list. Training is offered online so if you can not attend in person, you don't have to. These sessions are recorded and can be viewed at your leisure.