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UAS Alumni and Friends Photo Contest

Finalists have been announced! Look below for the top submissions for each category and a link to the full gallery of all our contestants!

Our Finalists Have Been Announced!

The first UAS Alumni and Friends Photo Contest is excited to announce the finalists to our first ever contest! We would like to thank everyone who participated. A gallery of all the submissions can be found here.

To View the Finalists and Their Submissions for Each Category Look Below!

What Does College Virtual Learning Look Like?

First place - Zoe Anelon "Fishing til' the End"

Runner up - Margaret Hannah "View from my 'Office'"

The Beauty of Southeast Alaska

First place - Margaret Everson "My Favorite Things"

Runner up - Logan Lessmann "The Ridge"

What Does UAS Look Like to You?

First place - Jenny Malecha "January Moonrise at UAS"

Runner up - Will Elliot "ODS Capstone"

What Does College Virtual Learning Look Like?

The Beauty of Southeast Alaska

What Does UAS Look Like to You?

Meet our Judges

Seanna O'Sullivan is a lifelong Alaskan, award-winning photojournalist, Certified Fund Raising Executive and lifetime UASAA member. As a former UAS employee she is passionate about celebrating the achievements of students in Southeast Alaska.

Ryan Andes: started videography and photography professionally in 2017. He'll do just about anything to get the perfect shot. An expert drone pilot, camera equipment guru, graphic designer, creative editor, and Facebook blueprint certified. If he's not working on a project, he's seeking an adrenaline rush, whether it's jumping out of planes, hiking mountains, or kayaking the waters of Alaska. Anything to get the best view. 

Check out Ryan's website here!


  • What does College Virtual Learning Look Like? Show us your best virtual learning picture.
  • The Beauty of Southeast Alaska. Capture Southeast Alaska’s beauty in one picture.
  • What UAS Looks to You. Capture an image that represents UAS through your eyes.

Selection Criteria

Winning entries from each category will be selected by a panel of judges composed of Alumni Board members and photographers.

Judges will be looking for photos that:

  • Display a mastery of technical skills
  • Convey a strong sense of place
  • Express cross-cultural experiences
  • Fit each category


The winner of each category will receive a $150.00 prepaid gift card and a runner-up prize of $75.00.