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Teague Whalen, B.A., M.F.A.

Associate Professor of English & Communication 
Arts and Sciences - Humanities


907-225-3624 (Fax)

Paul Bldg 513, Ketchikan Campus



  • M.F.A., Northern Michigan University
  • B.A., University of Michigan. Teague Whalen specializes in creative writing, composition, communication, and literature


Raised by two passionate educators and two feisty younger sisters, Teague quickly learned that summers meant time to travel America's blue highways and to romp through small towns and national forests by bicycle, canoe, skis, and foot, followed by nights spent sleeping in a tent and usually with close friends in tow. Teague's college teaching ventures have transformed the classroom into kitchens, lakes, mountain tops, and tents when he was a Lecturer I for the University of Michigan's New England Literature Program for two spring terms in rural Maine. While a teaching fellow for Northern Michigan University, he pioneered an outdoor ecocomposition course in the wild Upper Peninsula (U.P.). When he could no longer "Say yeah to the U.P., eh?" he wondered how Alaska compared to the great-lake state. Used to two-tracks and lakes, pine-riddled hills, and weather that could change any minute, he found his mother was right (as a good mother tends to be) when she said that Alaska was like the U.P. on steroids. He has not been disappointed yet, and when he finds Ketchikan raining too much, he keeps his fingers busy composing lofty poems of a bluer heart or stories of longing for a drier hue. When that doesn't work, he takes up his axe planed out of Sitka spruce and gets down to picking away the steel strings in search of a cloudy love song.


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