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Endorsement in K-8 Education

Distance Delivered

The K-8 Education Endorsement is designed for teachers who possess a current Alaska teaching certificate and wish to earn an endorsement for elementary and middle school (K-8) teaching. All of the courses are offered by e-Learning throughout Alaska. The teacher’s transcripts and experience will be evaluated and an appropriate program of studies will be prepared. The Endorsement will include courses or course equivalency for the content and methodology of K-8 instruction.

Please note: This program is currently only available to candidates who live in Alaska. Candidates living outside Alaska are welcome to apply to this program, but should understand that this program is specifically designed to train teachers for the unique teaching conditions of various Alaskan communities and that applicants will need to reside in Alaska to complete the program.

Preparatory Coursework (6 Cr):

SubjectCreditCourse TitleSemester
ED 2303Introduction to Educational TechnologyAll
ED 320A, C or D1Art, Music or Drama in the K-8 curriculumAll
ED 320 B1PE in K-8 curriculumAll
ED 320 E1Health in the K-8 Curriculum

Fall; Spring

Endorsement Area Coursework:


CreditCourse TitleSemester
ALST 6033Alaska Literature for Young PeopleFall; Spring
ECE 6613Literacy and Young ChildrenFall; Spring
ED 6153Literacy in the Intermediate and Middle School GradesFall; Spring
ED 6163Math Methods in the K-8 ClassroomFall; Spring
ED 6173Science Methods in the k-8 ClassroomFall; Spring
ED 6183Social Studies in the K-8 ClassroomFall; Spring
ED 6193Classroom Management and DisciplineFall, Spring
ED 621A1Curriculum DevelopmentFall; Spring
ED 621B1Curriculum DevelopmentFall; Spring
ED 621C1Curriculum DevelopmentFall; Spring
EDSE 4823Inclusive Classroom for all ChildrenAll
ED 6883-6Student TeachingFall; Spring

Advisors maintain the responsibility to make substitutions and to waive classes as necessary and reasonable with the Dean’s signature as approval.


  • Elizabeth A Hartley
  • Assistant Professor of Education
  • Phone: 907-244-7807

  • Elisabeth Genaux
  • Student Services Assistant
  • Phone: 796-6076

Applying to the K-8 Education Endorsement Area

Admission Requirements:

  1. Request for Admission 
  2. Official Bachelor's Degree Transcript
    • Required GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Transcripts from UAA, UAF, or UAS are not required to be submitted
  3. Copy of Current Alaska Teaching Certificate (Includes passing Praxis I or Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics; and Certificate requirements for Alaska Studies and Multicultural Education)
  4. Letters of Recommendation on our College of Education form from two professionals in education who are familiar with your work and performance and are not related to you
  5. Statement of Professional Goals and Objectives: Instructions 
  6. Resume demonstrating successful teaching
  7. Basic competency exam scores:
  8. Information Release Waiver Statement 
  9. A description or summary of your current Teaching Assignment

Please send all admission documents via email to the Student Services Assistant at the Alaska College of Education.

Or mail to:

Student Services Assistant

UAS, College of Education

11066 Auke Lake Way, HA 2

Juneau, Alaska 99801

If you have any Endorsement Area specific questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Beth Hartley, Coordinator for the K-8 Education Endorsement Area.


  1. With advisor approval, students may complete up to 6 credits of the K-8 Endorsment Area prior to admission.
  2. Application materials must be submitted before the end of the semester students apply for (e.g. application materials must be submitted prior to December 15th for fall applications).

All education programs through the Alaska College of Education at University of Alaska Southeast are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). CAEP accreditation signifies that the AKCoE has met the rigorous standards set forth for educator preparation.


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