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Elementary Education Master of Arts in Teaching Program

The University of Alaska Southeast graduate teacher education programs for candidates seeking an initial teaching certificate with a K-8 endorsement is available through the Elementary Certificate Program or the Elementary Master of Arts in Teaching Program. E-Learning, a university mentor and practicum experience in the local elementary or middle school allow qualified candidates to complete this program in their local communities throughout Alaska. The program is available only to students in urban and rural Alaskan communities.

The program consists of a series of courses that lead to a capstone student teaching and portfolio preparation experience. The courses are delivered by a variety of e-Learning methods, using the internet and other computer-mediated systems, audio-conferences, DVDs and traditional correspondence methods.

Classes that meet as a group take place in the late afternoon or early evening to accommodate the school day. Our candidates work with faculty and become colleagues with other candidates all across Alaska through extensive use of e-mail and computer conferencing.

At least six courses, known as practicum classes, require regular work in the classroom and are supervised by local teachers who volunteer their time. During practicum experiences, we expect our candidates to make a genuine and positive contribution to the local school. The final semester of full-time student teaching and the the preparation of a teaching portfolio will allow you to demonstrate that you have met the Alaska Teacher Standards.

The MAT results in a teaching certificate and a graduate degree. Students who choose the MAT will need at least a year following certification to complete their remaining coursework and portfolio. We assist our candidates in planning flexible programs that meet their individual needs.

Please note: Due to mandatory supervision requirements this program is currently only available to candidates who live in Alaska. Candidates living outside Alaska are welcome to apply to this program, but should understand that this program is specifically designed to train teachers for the unique teaching conditions of various Alaskan communities and that applicants will need to reside in Alaska to complete the program.

Contact Information

Program Coordinator

Dr. Beth Hartley
Assistant Professor of Elementary Education
11066 Auke Lake Way
Juneau, Alaska 99801

907-696-3303 fax



  • Elizabeth A Hartley
  • Assistant Professor of Education
  • Phone: 907-244-7807

  • Elisabeth Genaux
  • Student Services Assistant
  • Phone: 796-6076

Degree Requirements

Please refer to the academic catalog for a complete list of course requirements.

Updated Admissions Requirements

Please note the requirement for the Interested Persons Report (IPR) is currently being waived. Please contact the Alaska College of Education with any questions at 907-796-6076.

Application Process

Master of Arts in Teaching Program - Elementary Education

Step 1: Consult with Beth Hartley (Program Coordinator).

Step 2: Send application materials to Admissions.

Send to:

UAS Admissions
11066 Auke Lake Way
Juneau, AK 99801

Fax: 907-796-6002

Do not hesitate to contact the Student Services Assistant with any questions about application materials or the application process. The following items are necessary for a complete application:

  • Graduate application for admission (MAT program);
  • Admission fee of $60;
  • Official transcript with evidence of baccalaureate degree awarded, GPA 3.0;
    • Transcripts from UAA, UAF, or UAS are not required to be submitted
  • Passing Praxis CASE (Core Academic Skills for Educators) exam scores -see note #4 (Register @ ETS);
  • Background Check;
    • Visit your local law enforcement office to request an “interested person’s report” – this report usually costs about $20 and should be faxed to 907-796-6002.
    • You can also complete and mail the linked form above with a check or money order to the Bureau of Criminal Records and Identification (mailing address listed on form) if you have trouble getting this report locally.
  • Documentation of Successful Work with Children: Early Classroom Experience form and instructions;
  • Admission Writing Sample of two parts:
    1. Statement of professional objectives - Instructions here
    2. Impromptu writing sample - Instructions here
  • Student Information Sheet;
  • Resume;
  • Two recommendations written by former or current professors, employers, or supervisors who are familiar with your work and performance and are not related to you;
    • This requirement can be met by logging in to the UAS application portal and providing contact information for two references.
  • Information Release Waiver Statement.


  1. Applicant faxes or mails unofficial transcripts to advisor.
  2. Advisor completes transcript analysis.
  3. Applicant and advisor discuss individual’s program.

Step 3: Complete program prerequisites.


  1. GPA of 3.0 for Certificate and MAT programs from undergraduate transcript. (If your GPA is below 3.0, you may be admitted provisionally.)
  2. Prerequisite coursework as recommended by advisor.
  3. ED 230 or competency is prerequisite for Elementary Credential Program.


  1. Admission status notices are sent out by the Alaska College of Education.
  2. Provisional admission status may be granted. Provisions must be completed within one semester of admission.
  3. You may not take practicum methods courses (ED 615, ED 616, ED 617, ED 618, ED 619, and ED 661) until you are fully admitted and have completed ED 230 and ED 333. All other courses are open to students prior to full admission.
  4. You must TAKE the Praxis CASE exam for admission. If you do not pass all sections of the exam, you may retake it. You must PASS the Praxis CASE prior to full admission and prior to placement in any school practicum. 
  5. You must maintain a 3.0 GPA in this program. You must receive a grade of "C" or better in each course for it to count. A "C-" grade will not be counted as passing.

The complete Candidate Handbook, Student Teaching Handbook and Host Teacher Handbook are available for download here:

Student Teaching Application Procedures

Student Teaching Application Deadlines

  • March 30th for Fall semester student teaching
  • September 30th for Spring semester student teaching

Eligibility Requirements for Student Teaching

  • Good standing admission to a UAS Education Program
  • 3.0 or above GPA in Education program coursework
  • All coursework successfully completed prior to starting student teaching

If you do not meet these requirements include a letter to your advisor explaining what requirement is not completed and why a waiver is warranted with the rest of your application.

To apply to Student Teach mail or email the following documents to Delores Graver, UAS Alaska College of Education (HA-1), 11066 Auke Lake Way, Juneau, Alaska 99801.

  1. Completed UAS Student Teaching Application;
  2. Passing Praxis II Elementary Content Knowledge (5018) score;
    • If student teaching is to take place at a middle school: submit passing Praxis II Middle School Content Area score in addition;
  3. Copies of DEED application documents; +
    • Student Teacher Authorization (STA) form - scroll down the list to find the most recent version of the "Student Teaching Authorization" form (located near the bottom of the list).
    • Fill out this form to receive page 7 of the STA for DEED;
    • Completed Fingerprint card and proof of payment.

Fingerprint instructions are found on page 2 of the DEED student teaching application. See that page for information and instructions.

The following school Districts require additional application materials:

Applicants who are student teaching outside Alaska do not need to submit a finger print packet, but must comply with any local or state regulations.

 + Students must meed all requirements specified by DEED at the time of the application for teaching certificate. See their website for more information. This process can take several months, so please start early.

*Return your fingerprint packet, Student Teaching Authorization Application, and $60 payment to DEED. Not the Alaska College of Education. Submit copies to the Alaska College of Education.


All education programs through the Alaska College of Education at University of Alaska Southeast are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). CAEP accreditation signifies that the AKCoE has met the rigorous standards set forth for educator preparation.


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