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UAS Faculty Senate Agenda

January 13, 2006

3:00-5:00pm  Egan Library 211


Call-in 1-800-689-9401   *5963862*


1. Approval of minutes for December 2, 2005 meeting (attachment 1)

2.   Approval of agenda

3.   Assembly members' comments

4.   Old business

            A. Online course evaluations (attachment 4a

                        i)  Jeff Johnston's presentations

                        ii) Purpose(s) and objectives

                        iii) Work plan

            B. Curriculum quality assurance

            C. Faculty input for SW DE report (attachment 4C)

                        i)   Business models

                        ii)  Best practices

                        iii) Motivations for adoption of DE

5. New business

            A. Proposal for SW discussion of GERs (attachment 5A)

            B. Development of a new PBB measure - Outreach Activities

                        (attachments 5B.1, 5B.2, 5B.3)

            C. SW funds

i) $4m in Gov's budget for competitive research (matching funds)

ii) BP/Conoco-Philips (Pres. Profs., AK public policy research, Research & Instructional Initiatives, K-12/University partnerships, DE, Sharing Scholarship, Econ Development/Business partnerships)

6. Reports

            A. Senate President

                        Faculty Alliance:

i) Electronic faculty workload system

ii) BOR Policy - defining Academic Units; creation/elimination

iii) Instructional Designer Job Family

                        February FAFSA Frenzy  (attachments 6A.1, 6A.2)

                        Governor's proposed budget for UA (attachments 6A.3, 6A.4)

            B. Standing Committees

                        Academic Information Services (attachment 6B)

                        Undergraduate Curriculum

                        Graduate Curriculum

                        Advising, LC, Tutoring

            C. Ad Hoc Committees

                        Distance Education

                        Textbooks/bookstore (attachments 6C.1, 6C.2, 6C.3, 6C.4)

                        Tenure-review processes                     



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