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FRIDAY Feb. 2, 2007

3:00-nlt 5:00 pm Egan Library 211

Call in # 1-800-893-8850  PIN 3325714

1.  Call to order 3:00 (note: Permanent replacement Senator from Humanities is Jeremy Kane (Jane had to resign Senate due to department workload rearrangement). Welcome aboard Jeremy!!

2.  Approval of minutes of last meeting (January 12, 07)  ATTACHMENT 2.1

3.  Approval of today's agenda

4.  Assembly member's comments

5.  Provost's comments (out of town)

6.  Chairs comments/report. (out of town) see attached.  ATTACHMENT 6.1

7.  Cathy Connor: Introduction/discussion of the Faculty funding for Development Opportunities  ATTACHMENT 7.1

8.  Lynn Shepherd: Introduction of idea(s) for "student success" from "the Wagner Plan". Discussion, need for an AD HOC committee/.



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