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FRIDAY Nov 2, 2007  3:00 5:00 pm Egan Library 211

Call in #  1-800-893-8850    PIN 3325714

Eluminate Session for Doc Viewing during meeting (

1. Approval of minutes of Oct. meeting minutes (Attachment 1.1)
2. Approval of today’s agenda (additions, deletions, re-ordering?)

3. President’s Report
-Faculty Alliance & Graduate Committee, Jill Dumesnil
-Curriculum Committee-Met?
-ORP 1 Retirement detachment from TRS system-University Contribution- Connor (Attachment 3.1)
-Anderson Building remodel-Connor

Old Business

4. Virgil Fredenberg missing course form for new Masters in Education in Mathematics presented at last meeting (Attachment 4.1)
5. Revision of ODS program program change-resolving certificate versus occupational endorsement-Jeremy Kane

New Business
6. Provost Stell (Attachment 6.1, Attachment 6.2)

7. Faculty Alliance Education Technology Report from Steve Hamilton - FS DE Committee members (subcommittee on faculty Barnett, Spengler) (Attachment 7.1)

8. Sustainability Committee Update- Pyare

9. Faculty Research Committee - Heavner/Wolk, Standard 4b Self Study for Assessment (Attachment 9.1)

10. Input to Faculty Senate from Schools and Departments…

Senator reports
No one Social Sciences
Kane Humanities
Heavner Natural Sciences
McDonald CIOS
Wicks-Ortega Education
Shepherd Library
Schulte Ketchikan Campus
Gordan Sitka Campus
Pyare Juneau Campus

 UAS Student Success
11. (4:00 pm) Update on
 Geometry Camp for JDHS students/early Scholars-Director of Admissions Joe Nelson (Attachment 11.1)

12. (4:30 pm) Student Services Update-Dealing with Spring and Fall 2007 enrollments/ Planning- Vice Chancellor Student Services Richard Dent (Attachment 12.1)

13. Other Business

14. 5 pm Adjourn.  Next Meeting Dec 7, 2007

UAS Faculty Service on Committees - All Levels


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