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Covid-19 Office Operations

Our offices are available for phone or video appointments. Email or call for more information. For information, please visit the UA coronavirus information website.

Enrollment Status

  • Students registered in at least 5 graduate credits per term will receive graduate annual loans levels.
  • To qualify for full time status in a graduate program, students must take a minimum of 9 graduate level credits.

Types of Aid

In general, the primary source of financial aid available to graduate students are student loans. Graduate students qualify for Unsubsidized Stafford Loans. Remember, Financial Aid will only cover classes within a student's program of study.

Students may also qualify for GradPLUS loans. Visit the Federal Student Aid website for more information regarding the GradPLUS loan.

Students may be eligible for the TEACH Grant. View more information and the eligibility requirements.

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Federal Loan Program

As if 2012, Graduate students seeking loan assistance through the Federal Direct Loan Program, will only qualify for Unsubsidized Stafford Loans. Recent federal legislation eliminates graduate students from receiving loans through the Subsidized Stafford Loan program.

To receive Financial Aid students must complete the FAFSA and must be admitted into their Graduate level degree program/certificate to qualify.

Stafford Annual Loan Limits

Academic Level Unsubsidized Subsidized


$20,500 N/A

Interest Rates for Federal Graduate Student Loans

School Year Loan

Taken Out

Interest Rates


Interest Rates


2019-2020 6.08%


Origination Fees for Federal Graduate Student Loans

School Year Loan

Taken Out

Loan Fee


Loan Fee


2019-2020 1.059%


Lifetime Loan Limits

Academic Level Maximum Subsidized and Unsubsidized Maximum Subsidized
Graduate $138,500 $65,500 - no longer available to receive subsidized loans as of July 1, 2012

Loan Disbursements

  • In order for a loan to disburse, if you are a first-time Federal Direct Stafford and Graduate PLUS loan borrower you must complete the required online Entrance Counseling and sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN). The Entrance Counseling will take you approximately 20-30 minutes to complete and signing the MPN will take about 10 minutes. Please note: We appreciate if you have completed the Financial Awareness Counseling but you must complete the Entrance Counseling in order to receive your loans.
  • Stafford loan disbursement is usually made in two installments. For loan periods over the entire academic year, half of the loan will be disbursed no more than 10 days before the first day of the fall semester, and the remaining half will be disbursed no more than 10 days before the first day of the spring semester.  Refund checks will not be made available to students until at least the first day of the term.
  • Borrowers have 14 days from the date of disbursement or the first day of the term, whichever is later, to decline all or part of the loan amount. The Financial Aid Office will return funds on behalf of the student if this notification is received within the time period; students have the option of repaying loan funds themselves after that period.

Exit Counseling

All students who leave the University of Alaska Southeast either by graduating, withdrawing, or failing to return for a subsequent semester are required by Federal Law to complete the Exit Loan Counseling. This Counseling is to help you understand your rights and responsibilities prior to graduating or leaving school. To ensure compliance of this regulation a hold will be placed on your student account until we can verify that you have completed this requirement.


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