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Covid-19 Office Operations

Our offices are available for phone or video appointments. Email or call for more information. For information, please visit the UA coronavirus information website.

Download the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy Review this policy carefully to determine your eligibility for continued financial aid! Satisfactory Academic Progress is determined before the beginning of every semester for all enrolled students. Students who do not need Financial Aid assistance can disregard the SAP Status. 

GPA (Quality): Undergraduate students must have a minimum of 2.0 University of Alaska Cumulative GPA and graduate students must have a minimum of 3.0 University of Alaska Cumulative GPA. Note: repeating coursework may increase your University of Alaska Cumulative GPA.

Course Completion Ratio (Quantity): The minimum course completion ratio is 67%. This is determined by taking the number of credits a student has earned from within the UA system and dividing it by the number of credits they attempted.  Repeated coursework will increase the credits attempted but not the credits earned resulting in a lower course completion ratio. Use caution when retaking courses as it will lower your course completion ratio.

Total Credits Earned* at UAS, UAA, UAF with passing grades**
Total Credits Attempted at UAS, UAA, UAF
  = X%(Course Completion Ratio)

*If a student is in an undergraduate program, only undergraduate credits are calculated. If a student is in a graduate program, only graduate credits are calculated. 

**Passing Grades are defined as: A, B, C, D, D- and P. Grades AU, DF, F, I, W, NB, NC and NP are not considered passing grades. 

 150% (Maximum Timeframe):  The maximum timeframe standard, also known as the 150% rule, stipulates that students will be eligible to receive financial aid only if their attempted credits is equal or less than 150% of the length of their primary degree program. This is measured based on the number of attempted credits the student has taken compared to the number of credits required for their degree. If students changes their degree program, their 150% maximum timeframe determination may also change. All credits taken at other UA campuses (UAA, UAF, UAS, & PWSCC) are included in this calculation, even if they do not apply toward the student's current degree program.

SAP Status Codes: 


 A student may receive all Financial Aid types   
Warning The last semester a student attended they met SAP requirements, now they don’t, they may still receive all of their Financial Aid, but after the current semester they must meet SAP requirements.
Ineligible (Need Academic Plan) A student is not meeting SAP and they are not eligible for Financial Aid. If the student has any unusual circumstances which contributed to their performance, they may appeal to get back their eligibility for Financial Aid.
Probation (Academic Plan)  A student successfully appealed and their Financial Aid eligibility has been reinstated. The student must now only take the classes listed on their Academic Plan, complete their courses with the stated required GPA, and complete 100% of their attempted classes every semester they are on probation, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Probation (Academic Plan) The specific conditions of this Probation will be listed and provided with the approval letter.
Denied A student’s appeal for Financial Aid reinstatement has been denied by the Appeal Committee. The student may appeal the decision to the Dean of Enrollment Management. 


If at any point a student is considered Ineligible for Financial Aid, they can always submit an appeal.

Here are the required steps: 

  • Print and read the Appeal Form and Instructions
  • Write your personal statement
  • Gather supporting documentation
  • Make an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor to complete an Academic Plan on DegreeWorks 
  • Complete Financial Awareness Counseling at and print confirmation page
  • Complete the Appeal Form and attach all of the above documents
  • Submit appeal packet to the Financial Aid office

Any notification regarding this appeal will be sent via email. Please allow 10 business days for an appeal decision.

Current Completion rate 
If the completion rate is below 67% (YOU MAY ROUND UP FROM 66.6%) you are not making satisfactory point progress towards your degree.

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