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Paste from Word

When pasting pasting text from Microsoft Word or other word processing programs it is important to use the Paste From Word Tool to prevent formatting problems. To access this tool click on the clipboard icon with the Word logo located in the Editor tool bar.

Paste From Word Tool

Note: the Paste From Word Tool is not supported in all internet browsers. For Mac users, the entire Item Content text editor will not run in the Safari Browser. Those with a MAC OS should use the Firefox browser for the Paste From Word and other text editing tools to function properly. You can download the Firefox Browser for free.

This will open the Paste From Word Dialogue Box where you can paste your text.

Paste Dialogue Box

You can choose to have the Font Face and Styles definitions removed from the text you are pasting. These refer to the Font and Style values that you have assigned to your text in Microsoft Word. Selecting these options will not remove formatting such as bold, italics, and bulleting.

The Ignore Font Face definitions option is selected by default. Unless a unique font is critical to the information you are presenting it is recommended to leave this option selected.

More information: Editor tools.