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Forums can be enabled in the Instructor Tools  section in any UAS Online course.

From Course:

1. Go to Instructor Tools
Click on Comm Tools.
3. Number 1 is Threaded Discussions.
4. Click on the button to turn the class forum on.
5. The window shown below will allow you to set the following:

Access --
Set as appropriate for your use.

Show Recent --
Homesite will display the last few active posts. By keeping the number between 5 – 7, your window should stay reasonably small.

Linking to Gradebook --
Checkbox for on/off. This option will add a control to the bottom of each forum post that will allow you to link that topic to a item in your gradebook. Once a topic is linked, you can enter a grade for a student while reading any post within that topic.

Notes --
Notes to forum participants will appear at the top of index or topic listing.

Forum Creation

Students on the class roster will automatically be subscribed to forums. They will receive an email digest of daily comments and receive an email if anyone comments directly to their post. While it is not suggested for students to make changes to their subscriptions they can do so from the Subscription link under the forum window.

The Manage Thread Link is composed of the following commands:

Change the name of the thread. All sub-threads will also change.

Move thread to a new item. You can rename before or after moving.

Move thread to a another thread. It can be in a different item.

Prevent any more discussion of this thread.

Remove thread completely. It can not be restored.

Open the topic with the Map View and determine what thread you wish to move. In this example we will move the “Mini Fun” thread with its four messages.

Forum Map

Next, click on Move Link.

Manage Thread

The following message will pop up:

Move This Post

Click OK. Go to your index and you will see the thread as a separate topic

Topic Index

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