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Chromebook-specific instructions for connecting to the VPN:

You will need the Cisco AnyConnect app available in the Chrome Store or the link at the bottom of the UAS VPN Installation instructions.

Helpdesk VPN page and link

From the Cisco AnyConnect page on the Chrome Store, click the Add to Chrome button. Click Add on the confirmation pop-up.

Cisco AnyConnect extension  Confirm New App

Allow the app time to download and install. The time this takes will vary depending on your internet connection. Once complete, click the Launch App button.

Launch App button

Click Add New Connection to set up the UAS VPN. The Server Address is, as pictured below. Click Save Changes.

AnyConnect connections menu  Add connection menu

Once entered, the network will appear on the list of Connections.

AnyConnect UAS (user) connection

To access it, click the Network icon in the lower right. Click VPN Disconnected to bring up the list of available connections. Select UAS (user), which will ask to confirm the security certificate. Click Import and Continue to prevent this pop-up in the future. After this, it will prompt you to enter your UA Credentials.

Network menu  Network menu selecting UAS (user)
Certificate notification  Login using UA credentials

After logging in, it will state you are Connected to UAS (user). To close the connection, just click the Disconnect button in either the Network menu or Cisco AnyConnect.

Network menu connected to UAS (user)  How to disconnect


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