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VPN access on a Chromebook

Chromebook-specific instructions for connecting to the VPN:

You will need the Cisco AnyConnect app available in the Chrome Store or the link at the bottom of the UAS VPN Installation instructions.

Image of VPN Page on Website

From the Cisco AnyConnect page on the Chrome Store, click the Install button.

Image of VPN Download Page

Once it's finished downloading, click Open.

Image of VPN Download Page After Install

From there click on Connections and then click the Plus Sign in the lower right corner.

Image of VPN Connection

Image of VPN Connections Screen

Then enter the server address ( and optionally a name and click done.

Image of VPN Connection Editor

Return back to the main page and press the switch in the upper right next to AnyConnect VPN.

Image of VPN Connection Switch

You'll be prompted for your UA log in credentials and once it's accepted you'll be connected.

Image of VPN Log In


To disconnect, start by clicking the wifi icon in the lower right corner.

Image of Wifi Icon

You can then disconnect by selecting the VPN option and then clicking disconnect.

Image of VPN Disconnect Option