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In this Tech Tuesday, we give you some calendar tips to help you keep organized during school, work, and life.

Google Calendar

  1. From a browser, navigate to the Google homepage (
  2. Click on the Apps menu in the upper right
  3. Select Calendar

Microsoft Calendar

  1. From a Windows computer, open the Start menu from the lower left
  2. Select Calendar from the Apps list
    • If you don't see Calendar on the list, start typing "Calendar" to search for the application

Using the calendar

  1. To create an event, navigate to the date of the event you intend to schedule
  2. Click on the time of event
  3. Fill in the information prompts, including clicking More options (Google) or More details Microsoft
    • Google: title, type, time, guests, Google Meet integration, location, notifications, calendar, availability, description
    • Microsoft: availability, reminder, event name, calendar, location, time, description
  4. When you've filled in all the information you need, click the Save button
  • If you need to make changes, return to the calendar, click the event, and click Edit (Google) or the title (Microsoft)

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