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Group Security Manager

within the UAS Online portal

Accessing the Group Security Manager channel

  1. Log into UAS Online (
  2. Click Add Stuff in the upper left
  3. Go to Faculty/Staff
  4. Click Group Security Manager
  5. Click the Add to button (and set a tab)
  6. The channel will appear on your UAS Online page

Using the Group Security Manager channel

  • The channel will automatically populate the groups you are authorized to manage. 
  • You can add accounts to either "Group (Name)" or "Group Administrators"
    • Group members can see, edit, and change the services assigned to the group.
    • Group Administrators can change members in Group Security Manager
  • You can add an account by entering the username in the field at the top of each section.
  • You can remove accounts by clicking the checkbox next to their name, then clicking the Remove Selected button below.

Note: make sure not to accidentally remove yourself from Administrators. If you do so, you won't have the ability to change it back!


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