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UASOnline APB Posting

within the UAS Online portal

To post an APB within UAS Online:

  1. Log in to UAS Online (
  2. Access the Portal Announcements channel
    1. Click Add Stuff in the upper left corner
    2. Locate Faculty/Staff
    3. Click Portal Announcements
    4. Click Add to (and select a tab)
  3. Under APBs for username, click the System button (this only appears with Elevated Access)
    • Note: at this stage, you can view all the previous APBs that have been posted
  4. Click the Post New Item button
    • Make sure to set a title, priority level, expiration, and relevant target groups
    • Click the arrow in the upper right to see the WYSIYG editor
    • Click Preview to see an example of what the final APB will look like
  5. Click OK to post

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