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In this Tech Tuesday, we cover some basics when first joining Zoom meetings.

  • Join the meeting early. This helps make sure you're prepared before the meeting begins.
  • Test your audio settings when you first join. Make sure you can both hear and be heard. If applicable, this is also a good time to check your camera. 
  • When you aren't speaking, make sure you are muted. Any background noise, especially if it's unexpected, can disrupt an ongoing meeting. 
  • There are several options to manage how you see other attendees:
    • Gallery View is useful to monitor everyone in the call, and keep an eye on all participants. 
    • Speaker View is designed to show off the current focus. It automatically tracks the attendee making the most noise, which should be the person apeaking. This is a great reason to mute yourself, so you don't interrupt Speaker View. 
    • Hide non-video participants is great if you only want to see other people's faces. It skips the folks don't don't use their camera. This can also be used in combination with the other two views. 

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