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In this Tech Tuesday, we cover some other tips for participating in Zoom meetings.

  • You can communicate with others in your Zoom meeting without using your microphone.
    • Using the Chat tool is an easy way to communicate. You can send a message to everyone in the meeting, or you can choose to privately message one other user.
    • Using reactions is another great way to make communication simple and easy. Reactions come in the form of an emoji for a quick and fun form of communication.
  • Get an idea of your connection quality to other users with the connectivity indicator at the bottom left of a participant's video feed.
    • The connectivity indicator will change color based on the quality of connection to that participant. You may also be given the following message: "You internet connection is unstable".
  • To help improve the overall connection quality of the Zoom meeting, the meeting host can mute all participants.
    • At the bottom of the participants window, the host can find the option to Mute All participants. They can then use the menu at the bottom right of the participants window to ask all participants to unmute.

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