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Guidelines for Copyright

UAS Guidelines for Copyright

The University has a profound respect for copyright and intellectual property. This respect is reflected in the Board of Regents policy and regulation (R02.07). In addition, the university has specific legal obligations under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to protect copyright holders and to respond quickly to complaints of copyright violation. This obligation to protect copyright must be implemented with due regard for privacy rights of technology users that have been created by Regents Policy.

Under United States copyright law, UAS is required to remove or disable access to materials. Whenever someone downloads or shares music (including but not limited to peer-to-peer sharing), movies, or other video files for free for which he/she does not have copyright holder’s permission to download, infringement of the artist's copyright occurs. Unless an artist has specifically stated on their website, CD, etc. that the public may download, copy, and otherwise share music, movie, or other video files, you may assume that these works are protected under U.S. Copyright Law.

Verified abuses may lead to immediate suspension of access to University networks and/or computing resources, subject violators to possible University disciplinary action, and expose them to fines, other civil penalties, and criminal prosecution by copyright owners. Information on federal criminal penalties is available at