Application Requirements

To apply for the program, students must:

  • Be admitted to UAA, UAF or UAS at the time of their internship.
  • Be registered, at the time of the internship, in any undergraduate or graduate degree program in the US or abroad.
  • Be of at least junior standing at the time of the internship.
  • Not, at the time of the internship, hold a paid position with the Alaska Legislature.

Application Materials

In order to apply, students should provide the following materials to their campus internship coordinator:

  • A one to two page cover letter describing the reasons for interest in the internship program, how the internship program fits into the applicant’s degree program and career goals, qualifications as a potential intern, and any other factors the applicant would like the admissions committee to consider when considering their application for admission and the award of stipends.
  • A resumé or CV
  • A complete set of academic transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)
  • Two sealed letters of recommendation from professors, instructors, or others in a supervisory position describing the candidates’ qualifications for the internship program.  Letters may be e-mailed directly to the campus coordinators.
  • A five to fifteen page writing sample (students need not compose something for the application—we suggest using a paper or composition written for a class).
  • Internship FERPA Release
  • UAS Photo Release
  • A two to five page research paper proposal.  Applicants should describe a paper they would like to write for the Legislative Internship Seminar, including a question they would like to answer and how they would gather and analyze data to do so.  Original data gathering is an important component of this process.  Usually, students choose to gather data through interviews with legislators and staff, though students have occasionally carried out research projects using surveys or other research methods.  No assumption is made that students have prior experience gathering data, so instruction in data-gathering techniques will be an important part of the legislative internship seminar.

Application Submission

Please communicate with your campus internship coordinator regarding the way in which they prefer application materials to be submitted.  Be aware that you are responsible for confirming receipt of your application materials.  Application materials are due by 11:59PM, November 1, Alaska time.  Late applications will not be accepted.

Please contact your campus coordinator if you have further questions.