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Hendrickson Building Classrooms 

There are three classrooms and three labs in the Hendrickson Building. The classrooms and labs are both lecture and computer environments. Most classrooms have a multimedia cart that includes a projector, a DVD player, and a receiver with speakers. Unless otherwise noted all classrooms have a multimedia cart.

The smallest classroom is a Science lab that accommodates ten to twelve people.

There are two classrooms that will support twenty five people.

  • HB110 is a lecture classroom that houses computers for the Environmental Sciences department. While these computers have academic software installed, this classroom is managed by the Environmental Sciences department and may not be available for use. (See room scheduler for more information.) The lab does not have a multimedia cart available.
  • HB201 is used primarily for lectures. 

There is one large Certified Nurses Aide lab.

  • HB206 is an Anatomy and Physiology lab.

There is one large venue classroom that will support sixty people.

  • HB113 has a multipurpose atmosphere. There is a stage for theater, a small and large projection screen, and a piano for music classes.