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UAS Juneau Classrooms 

The majority of our Egan classrooms are outfitted with wall-mounted TVs that accept an HDMI connection.  If you are trying to connect to our TVs using a non-HDMI source, you may need to use an adapter (i.e. MacBook's use MiniDisplayPort and older laptops may use VGA ports).  Adapters for in-class use can be checked out at the Classroom Support desk in the Egan Library.

A handful of Egan classrooms and the Whitehead building classrooms use projectors that accept a VGA connection.  If you are trying to connect to a projector using a non-VGA source, you may need an adapter.  Again, we have adapters available at the Classroom Support desk for check out.

(Please keep in mind that our plan is to have HDMI capable equipment in all Egan classrooms and Whitehead classrooms by Summer 2016.)

Juneau classrooms are located on the UAS Campus:

  • Egan Library Classrooms
  • Egan Library Wing Classroom Extension
  • Whitehead Building Classrooms

For more information about available classroom technologies please contact:

Donovan Grimes
(907) 796-6189


UAS Helpdesk
(907) 796-6400


Classroom scheduling in Juneau

Egan Wing Classrooms

The newest addition to our campus is the Egan Wing that was completed in 2003. The Egan Wing provides space for lectures, audio and video conferences, and has one large venue space. 

There are 14 classrooms in the Egan Wing. Most classrooms have a multimedia cart (unless otherwise noted) that includes a projector, a DVD Player, and a receiver with speakers. Instructions for multimedia cart use should be located on each cart along with remotes for each item.

However, the classrooms are slowly being updated with HD flat panel televisions (currently located in EG116, EG114, and EG115). If you find there is no multimedia cart or HD television in the room you're using, please contact the UAS help desk at 796-6400. (In house extensions are 6400 and 6521.)

  • EG116 supports up to eight people. It is primarily used for distance classes that use video conferencing technology and includes a HD flat panel (multimedia cart not available).

There are three classrooms that will support 16 people.

  • EG113 is primarily used for audio and video conferences and includes a HD flat panel (multimedia cart not available).
  • EG114 is primarily used for lectures.
  • EG115 is primarily used for audio and video conferences and includes a HD flat panel (multimedia cart not available).  
  • EG220 supports up to 22 people and is primarily used for lectures. 

There are eight large classrooms that will support 40 people each. 

  • EG108
  • EG109
  • EG218
  • EG219
  • EG223
  • EG224
  • EG225 
  • EG112 (The lecture hall) is primarily used for lecturing audiences and for hosting community events and support up to 150 people.

Whitehead Building Classroom

There is one computer classroom, WH102, located on the first floor of the Whitehead Building.  This classroom has a projector, a docking stations for university laptops, and a set of powered speakers, in addition to 20 computers available for student use.