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Animals on Campus

Animals - Service and Assistance

Student Housing recognizes the need and value service and assistance animals provide to their owners. Residents are encouraged to utilize Disability Services for further questions regarding approval of a service or assistance animal in Student Housing. 

As partners in accomodating the presence of animals in our Housing community, it is important for residents with authorized animals to comply with the following policies:

  • Animals may be brought on University property provided that the animal is:
    • Confined in the owner's automobile (with consideration for weather conditions and ventilation)
    • On a leash or harness and accompanied at all times by an individual capable of controlling the animal.
  • Anyone who brings a pet on University property must:
    • Comply with CBJ ordinance requirements for sanitary disposal (08.40.040);
    • Assume all financial responsibility for any damage to property or injury to individuals caused by the animal.
  • Animals may not be tethered to University buildings, structures, motor vehicles, trees, railings, light poles, benches, posts, or other structures.
  • Animals found tethered to University property or wandering loose on campus may be reported to the local enforcement agency.                                                                                                   
  • Failure to adhere to these policies could result in non-compliance fines in addition to revocation of the resident’s right to have an animal in the Housing community. 

Registration of Service and Assistance Animals

After a Service or Assistance animal is approved by disability support services you will be asked to provide information about your approved animal to Residence Life. You will also be asked to agree to a number of specific animal-related policies. To view and complete the animal application, click the button below:

Submit a Service/Assistance Animal Registration

Once logged in:

  • Select "Applications."
  • Select "Animal Agreement"

If you have questions about the animal agreement process, please contact or contact a Housing Desk location.


Authorized pets include fish and aquatic amphibians that are contained in an aquarium that does not exceed 10 gallons. No more than 25 gallons of total aquarium space is allowed in any one unit, regardless of which resident(s) are in possession of aquariums. Residents are not allowed to have any other pets in units at any time. Approved service or assistance animals are not considered pets. For further information on approval of service or assistance animals, please see Disability Services in the Campus Living Guide. 

Unauthorized Pets in Residential Units

Residents found with unauthorized pets inside Housing units will be subject to a $100 fine, which may be assigned to each resident within the unit if no one accepts responsibility for the animal’s presence, as well as possible conduct review. Additional cleaning fees may also apply and the pet will be expected to be removed immediately from the premises. Unauthorized animals or pets may not visit Housing units for even short periods of time.


Aquariums should be 10 gallons or less. No more than 25 gallons in total aquarium space is allowed per suite or apartment. See Pet Policy for more information.