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Before Your Arrival

Mail & Move-In Location

All students placed in John Pugh Hall will move in at and should send their mail to:

First and Last Name
11090 Auke Lake Way
Juneau, AK 99801

All students placed in Banfield Hall, as well as Aurora, Bear, Coho, Deer, Eagle, Fireweed, and Glacier Buildings will move in at and should send their mail to:

First and Last Name
4300 University Drive
Juneau, AK 99801

All family residents will move in at and should send their mail to:

First and Last Name
4300 University Drive
Juneau, AK 99801

Move-In Day and COVID Testing

All housing residents are asked to provide results of a negative COVID-19 test at the time of check-in. You should make every effort to receive a test before arriving on campus. Preferably this test will have been administered no more than 72 hours before check-in. Staff will determine your status upon arrival utilizing the following as general guidance:

  • Students arriving from within Alaska with proof of a negative test: No restrictions
  • Students arriving from within Alaska without proof of a negative test: Minimizing Interactions until test results are received
  • Students arriving from outside of Alaska with proof of a negative test: Strict social distancing for five days from arrival date in Alaska
  • Students arriving from outside of Alaska without proof of a negative test: 14 day quarantine, unless test results are received, at which point status will change to strict social distancing for five days from arrival date in Alaska.
  • Students who arrive on campus with COVID-19 symptoms: 14 day quarantine, unless symptoms lessen and a negative COVID-19 test is received after the student became symptomatic.

Students will be placed within quarantine or other temporary units when necessary to accommodate the needs of roommates who may need to quarantine, or to comply with State of Alaska testing requirements for individuals arriving from out of state.

To better understand the difference between "Minimizing Interactions," "Strict Social Distancing," "Quarantine," and "Isolation" and how you might fall into these categories, review the Testing and Quarantine Status webpage.

Please note: If you receive a positive COVID-19 test result, the State of Alaska expects that you will not travel and will instead observe a self-quarantine in place. Do not travel to Juneau or UAS Housing. Please notify UAS Housing of your positive test so that we can assist you with connecting with faculty and support networks at UAS via distance.

Before You Arrive on Campus

Completion of Housing Application
Your application must be complete in order to move in. This means that you need to have submitted all required immunization records, as well as have paid your deposit and application fees. If you have not completed any of these tasks, please reach out to the Housing Office at

Sign Up For a Move-In Appointment: 
All students must sign up for a move-in appointment. You may do so here. You will not be permitted to check-in before this time, and if you are more than 15 minutes late, you may need to wait until a new appointment slot is available. There are limited appointment slots, so be sure to sign up soon. 

Sign Your Move-in Paperwork:
Before you arrive on campus, save time by filling out your move-in paperwork. You can access the Student Housing Check-In paperwork here.

Order Food:
The Lakeside Grill will be open for walk-in service immediately for students not in quarantine, and will additionally provide a daily delivery at 2PM for those in quarantine, Monday to Fridays. For more information on food delivery and fall dining, visit Student Housing’s Dining Delivery Website.

What to Bring

Residents are encouraged to be mindful of the amount of items they move onto campus. Given the unpredictable nature of COVID-19, the possibility does exist of a full closure of the residential community should an outbreak occur. This could require residents to move out over a short period of time. If this occurs, UAS will continue to work with residents to support themselves however possible. However, residents may be responsible for costs related to travel, move out, and relocation due to the closure. UAS Housing will have limited ability to provide shipping support or storage for personal belongings.

Beds in all housing units are twin, extra-long. These are not standard twin bed dimensions and proper sized bedding is recommended for purchase.

No linens or pillows are provided.

Some residents also purchase mattress pads or foam toppers.

You may bring many items to decorate your housing unit. When planning out your decor, keep in mind that UAS Housing highly recommends the use of 3M brand Command Hooks & Strips or Sticky Tack for hanging any items on walls. Nails, tacks, screws, or any items that cause damage to paint or place holes in the walls will lead to damage being charged to you after move-out.

Please review the "Decorations and Modifications" policy for more information.

For John Pugh Hall Hall residents, microwave dishes are good to have. All John Pugh Hall suites come with a full-sized refrigerator and microwave A few plates, bowls, and silverware are the basic necessities for residence hall life. The John Pugh Hall communal kitchen is closed for Fall 2020, so you may consider bringing additonal small appliances to utilize in your unit as well, including:

  • Instant Pots
  • Crock Pots
  • Coffee Makers
  • Water Kettles
  • George Foreman Grills
  • Griddles
  • Drop-in Style Toasters
  • Air Fryers
  • Popcorn Makers
  • Electric Woks

We do not allow small appliances with directly exposed heating elements, which includes:

  • Toaster Ovens
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Single Coil Heating Elements (Hot Plates)

In the apartments, there is a shared kitchen available, but housing does not provide any kitchen appliances, dishes, or utensils; so it’s usually a good idea to bring your own dishes, silverware, pots and pans, and other utensils for cooking. All apartments come with major appliances, including a full-sized refrigerator, stove, and microwave.

Please see Housing Policies for a more comprehensive list of appliances that are permitted or prohibited in housing. 

You may bring weapons to store within Student Housing, although weapons are not allowed within residential units under any circumstances. This includes paintball guns, air soft guns, and BB or pellet guns. We require that residents ask Student Housing professional staff prior to bringing any item onto campus. We offer a secured storage for weapons. Please check our policies for what weapons can be stored in the weapons storage and our weapons storage guidelines.

What Not to Bring

Any appliances with open, exposed heating elements, including single-coil cooking elements, non-enclosed space heaters, pizza ovens, or toaster ovens are not permitted.

For more information regarding small appliances, review the UAS Housing Policies page.

UAS Housing has wireless internet setup throughout all Housing Units, and residents are not permitted to setup their own wireless access points or other wireless network equipment.

While incense and candles are not prohibited within student housing, they may not be burned. You should carefully decide what items to pack and bring to Housing. Jar candles may be used on candle warmers.

Some incoming residents wish to come prepared to use coin-op laundry. However, all UAS Housing laundry facilities are operated by funds loaded onto your student ID card.

Getting to Juneau

Juneau is accessible by ferry or by air. To book travel to Juneau, visit the Alaska Marine Highway website (ferry) or book air travel to the Juneau International Airport.

UAS Juneau Campus Map

map of the UAS Juneau campus is available for download in PDF form.

Campus Housing Shuttle

Move-in to Student Housing begins on Thursday, August 19, 2021, at 9 AM. From August 19, 2021 to August 22, 2021, UAS will operate a shuttle from the Ferry Dock and Juneau International Airport for all housing residents by appointment only. Due to COVID restrictions, space in each shuttle run will be limited. To sign up for the shuttle, use the link below.

Shuttle Pickup Request Form

The Move-In Process

When you arrive to move-in at your appointment time, a staff member will meet you outside. If a staff member is not on hand, call the RA Cell Phone at (907) 209-6539 and someone will be out to assist you.Do not attempt to enter any building. 

The move-in process will occur as follows:

  1. You will be asked to present a form of photo identification. A staff member will then complete a short verbal health questionnaire, check your temperature, and collect your negative COVID-19 test results. 

  2. You will then be directed to another staff member, who will verify you’ve completed all of your housing move-in paperwork. They will also ensure that you have provided up to date contact information for yourself and an emergency contact. Finally they will issue you a key to your unit.

  3. Within 24 hours of your arrival to Student Housing, you will receive a Google Sheets link via email. This Google Sheet will serve as your Room Condition Report. Please review the sheet carefully and make comments on areas that need adjustment within 72 hours of move-in. All comments are timestamped. Any damages found in your unit after 72 hours will result in damage charges being placed on your account. 

Please note that if your COVID test results have not been received by the time you arrive at UAS Housing, you will be redirected to a temporary quarantine unit, as space permits. UAS has limited quarantine housing, so students may be turned away if quarantine spaces are not available. UAS highly encourages you to receive a test with negative results before traveling to Juneau, and to communicate with us as soon as possible if you realize you will be unable to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. For mail delivered prior to August 19, we will make every effort to have your mail placed within your private bedroom before you move-in. During your quarantining or minimizing-interactions period, mail will be delivered to you daily. If you are not in your unit at the time of attempted delivery, you will need to wait until the following day for mail delivery to be attempted again.

If you live in John Pugh Hall, please send your mail to:

11090 Auke Lake Way

Juneau, AK 99801

For residents living elsewhere in housing, send your mail to:

4300 University Drive

Juneau, AK 99801

Yes. If you require a letter to present to border authorities indicating that you are traveling for an essential reason, email us Please ensure you request this as soon as possible so we can process your request and email you your letter.Note: The state of Alaska does not require you to quarantine or test if you leave the state while driving through Canada for less than 24 hours. However, you will still be expected to follow UAS quarantine and testing policies, and you may require a negative COVID test in order to board your AMHS ferry.

Dining Services will be able to deliver food to Housing. Visit the Dining Delivery page on the UAS Housing Website for more information and to place an order. These orders will be charged against your meal plan.

Additionally, local grocery stores are capable of delivering food directly to your door. A number of students have been able to place orders with Safeway in particular.

The UAS Move Crew should be active on August 19, 2021 during daytime hours. Individuals from the Move-Crew will be able to assist you with moving your items to your unit door. However, the Move-Crew will not enter your unit.Please note that non-resident guests are not permitted, so you will be unable to ask family members or off-campus friends to assist you with move-in.