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Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing Request Form

Housing and Residence Life is committed to meeting the needs of the student population at UAS and provides Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) throughout student housing to meet the varied needs of our residents.  GIH is an option in which two or more students share a multiple- occupancy apartment or suite regardless of their sex, gender identity or gender expression. Individual bedrooms throughout Housing are placed according to gender identity, regardless of GIH requests. This option allows for same-gender or other-gender identities to live together in a Student Housing unit regardless of biological sex. The option is available to all students who reside on campus.

Students who are interested in GIH can select it as an option when completing the housing application. Additionally, students will need to sign a Gender Inclusive Housing Request Form and submit to the Housing Office.

The roommate selection process mirrors what is provided for all students. Students may request a roommate and are eligible to request a private room within applicable Housing units. If a student does not select a roommate, the space will remain available to be filled by another student who has chosen to participate in GIH and has completed the agreement. Students who request GIH without a roommate request may or may not be placed with someone of another gender identity or expression. The department will make the best match possible, ignoring gender. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Housing makes all placements according to gender identity, not biological sex. If you would like to live with others who share your gender identity, do not request gender inclusive housing. If you would like a placement with someone other than your matching gender identity, you should request GIH.

Only those who request gender inclusive housing will receive it. By not requesting gender inclusive housing, you will be placed with others of the same gender identity.

No. Student Housing makes GIH placements by disregarding gender during the placement process, not by specifically looking to mix gender identities. This means that we will place you according to the best fit on other housing preferences, including cleanliness level, desire for guests, study habits, willingness to live with an animal, etc. If you desire to specifically live with someone of a different gender identity, request someone specifically using the roommate request on your Housing Agreement or write a note on the Housing Agreement when prompted to provide information about what kind of roommate you are looking for. 

Additionally, Student Housing creates GIH units as they are available and as enough residents request them. If there are not enough requests to sustain a GIH unit, you will be placed outside of GIH housing in a matched-gender placement. 

It is your choice to communicate with parents or family members about the decision to live in a gender inclusive housing unit. The Student Housing encourages this conversation between parents or family members and students about the housing choice so that they can be in support of the student’s decision. Student Housing will provide not provide any notification to family members about your roommates and/or placement in a gender inclusive unit. 

Student housing does not inquire into the nature of any roommate requests. You may request any roommate you desire in gender inclusive housing, as long as shared bedrooms remain gender-matched. If you choose to reside with your significant other, please remember that you will likely share a unit with other individuals and that Residence Life is limited in its ability to address conflicts and/or breakups between significant others.