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Weight Room Update

The weight room remodel project started at the beginning of Summer 2022 with the planned reopening to coincide with the start of the Fall 2022 semester. The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on global supply chains. Lockdowns, worker shortages, and slow port turnaround times have all contributed to worldwide supply chain issues and shipping delays which will delay the reopening. Please check back for updates.

Estimated full reopening: Mid-Late October. We plan to have a grand opening, date to be announced soon!

Work Done To-Date

Our previous equipment (mostly Paramount) was aging (almost 20 years old) and no longer supported by the original company. Safety of our members is a top priority, which prompted the need for a remodel.

We started in May 2022 with the surplus of all previous equipment. All equipment either found a new home through the surplus process, was transferred to the Alaska National Guard, or was recycled.

Following the surplus process, the room's walls were repaired and painted to match our University of Alaska Southeast colors and brand. The previous rubber flooring was removed and replaced.


Custom branded urethane weightsOur new UAS branded urethane weights will include dumbbells, barbells, and plates. Urethane is easier to clean and will hold up better than our previous rubber coated weights.

  • Weight Status: The weights and racks arrived on September 15th and have been unpacked and racked. The weights can be viewed in the virtual view of the room (above). 

  • Kettle Bell Status: Our selection of Rogue kettle bells and rack have arrived and are set up in the space, 


Matrix floor design

UAS will be installing Matrix strength machines.

  • Machine Status: The benches, Smith Machine, 1/2 Rack and power machines are due to ship from Matrix in L.A. in September. Currently Matrix is planning to barge all pieces together from L.A. to Seattle and from Seattle to Juneau. When they arrive a contractor will assist with putting them together. We anticipate this to be a quick process once the machines have arrived.