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Quarantine Time Capsule

UAS in Quarantine

Virtual Time Capsule

Student Activitiebuilt this collaborative time capsule with UAS Students through social media to capture this very weird, specific time in our lives. See what we're listening to, what we're eating and more below.

Spotify Playlist

You created it. We put it all together in a Spotify Playlist.


We asked, "What are you cooking in quarentine?"

Here's our quarentine cookbook




We put our noggins together to create Trivia!

Take one! Test your knowledge. 

Disney Trivia

Play Disney Trivia on Kahoot

(written by a previous Disney Cast Member and current Registrar's office member) 

Note: there are 2 incorrect trivia questions, where the quiz is WRONG. Can you find them? 

Harry Potter Trivia 

Play Harry Potter Trivia on Kahoot

(written by 3 SAB employees) 

Note: this trivia isn't perfect either. Only one of the author was a *true* Harry Potter fan. 

Science Trivia 

Play Science Trivia on Kahoot

(written by our Student Body Vice President!) 

Tiger King Trivia 

Because Tiger King became an overnight shared experience. 

Play Tiger King Trivia on Kahoot

(written by folks at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada!)

Avatar: The Last Airbender Trivia 

Play Avatar: The Last Airbender Trivia on Kahoot

(written by an SAB member)

Alaska Trivia 

Play Alaska Trivia on Kahoot

(written by your summer SAB staff members)