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How do you know what is edible and what is not on the beach?  Below are some photos and names of common shellfish and plants that are considered safe to consume.

Please note that there are some shellfish that are affected by Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) which affects the human nervous system including clams and cockles.  It can be very dangerous to consume shellfish with PSP. PSP can only be detected through testing at a state-approved lab and cannot be cooked or cleaned out of the shellfish.  If you are unsure of any shellfish, do not consume it. 

  • Shield Limpet

    Shield Limpet

  • Sea Urchins on Kelp

    Sea Urchins on Kelp

  • Pond Bay Sea Cucumber

    Pond Bay Sea Cucumber

  • Pinto Abalone

    Pinto Abalone

  • Moon Snail

    Moon Snail

  • Gum Boot

    Gum Boot

  • Goose Tongue

    Goose Tongue

  • Fucus


  • Cockle


  • California Mussel

    California Mussel

  • Butter Clam

    Butter Clam

  • Butter Clam

    Butter Clam

  • Bull Kelp

    Bull Kelp

  • Bull Kelp

    Bull Kelp

  • Blue Mussels

    Blue Mussels

  • Black Laver

    Black Laver

  • Beach Asparagus

    Beach Asparagus


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