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UAS Ketchikan has hosted several workshops and held multiple classes on various coastal resource topics.  Below is just a sampling of a few of the activities made possible by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture under award number 2014-02378.

Canning 101

University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan campus hosted a food canning workshop. Cooperative Extension agent Sara Lewis shares techniques, tips and tried and true recipes for canning all types of food. 

Cedar Bark

University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan campus asked Haida Cultural Teacher and Weaver Holly Churchill to teach Priscilla Schulte's Archeology students to collect, prepare and weave cedar bark.


University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan campus hosted a workshop to teach residents to identify, collect and prepare seaweed.

Cedar bark weaving workshop

The University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan campus USDA-funded Drumbeats projects included a workshop on cedar bark basket weaving as part of the Southeast Alaska Coastal Resources course taught in Fall 2016 semester. Haida Weaver & Cultural Teacher Holly Churchill, along with her daughter Gloria provide instruction and guidance in this day-long workshop.

Coastal Resources Restaurant Night

The Spring 2017 Coastal Resources students spent an evening preparing, cooking and enjoying tasty dishes made from locally resourced wild food, including seaweed, salmon, gumboots, herring roe, berries, halibut, sea asparagus, venison, sea cucumber and bull kelp. The Coastal Resources class focused on both traditional and contemporary harvesting, preparation and storage of coastal resources in Southeast Alaska.


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