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Covid-19 Operations

The UAS Ketchikan Campus Library is open to students and the public 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday. Masks are required on campus and in the library at all times, regardless of vaccination status. Call 907-228-4567 if you have questions.

Articles from periodicals, such as magazines, journals and newspapers, contain the latest information on virtually any topic.  They can be general and popular in scope, such as Time or Newsweek, or they can be scholarly and very specific to your topic, such as Journal of the American Medical Association or The Historian (see also link to Peer-reviewed publications). 

To find articles on your topic:

1.  Select a database by subject, by browsing the alphabetical database list, or by going to the list of database vendors.  If you're accessing the databases from off-campus, you may need to enter your UAS username and password to be authenticated.

2.  Use keywords that describe your topic to search the databases you select.  Some of the databases will help you select more appropriate keywords if the ones you first select aren't as successful as you'd like.

3.  You may need to narrow or expand your search by adding or removing keywords to your search.

4.  Copy and paste, email, or write down the citation for each article that you find.

5.  Look out for the icon and phrase Full Text Finder@UASFull Text Finder@UAS while searching in the databases, and it may guide you to the full-text of an article available in another UAS licensed database that wasn't available in the database you've initially searched.  Simply follow the link.  Another tool to use to locate articles not available in full-text in the database you're searching is to search in Journal Title Search by journal title.  Journal Title Search is Egan Library's A-Z listing of all of the journals to which UAS students have full-text access in all of the licensed databases, as well as on the shelf at the Egan Library.  Journal Title Search will tell you if a particular journal is available in any of the UAS databases and, if so, it will tell you which databases(s) and link you to that journal's content.

6.  An additional helpful guide is

Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Magazines: What's the Difference?


Created October 2009 and last edited in September of 2019.


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