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Place your order early (at least 7 to 10 days before class starts) to allow time for shipping!


How do I contact MBS Direct?

Phone: 1-800-325-3252
Online: MBS Direct

How do I charge my books to financial aid?

  1. Complete your financial aid including submitting all required forms.
  2. After your financial aid is complete, fill out the book voucher and select "submit".
  3. MBS Books will send you an e-mail when your voucher is available,
  4. Go online and order your books at MBS Direct with the voucher number you received via email. Allow a minimum of 1 week processing time after the order is placed.  Vouchers expire and must be re-requested after two weeks.

Vouchers can NOT be used to order books for UAA or UAF courses or from any bookstore other than MBS books.

Can I sell back my books?

MBS Direct buys back their books online! Visit your virtual bookstore, then simply log in and follow the directions.

Do I have to use MBS books?

Go to MBS Direct or UASOnline to find the required books.  You can purchase books from any bookstore.  Order by ISBN number (located on MBS web site) to ensure you have the correct book and edition when ordering from another bookseller or from a student.

Tech Tip: Order Books Early!

MBS Book Voucher Application

Note: Spring Semester book vouchers are not available until November 14. Fall Semester book vouchers are not available until July 1.

Submission of this form does not order your books for you! You must order your books directly from MBS Books!

Fill out this form to charge your UAS books to Student Financial Aid. You cannot receive a book voucher until all your financial aid forms have been completed, processed, submitted, and your financial aid has been approved. MBS book vouchers can not be used for UAA or UAF campuses.

To obtain a Student Financial Aid MBS Book Voucher, follow these steps after completing your financial aid:

  1. Fill out form at the bottom of the page and select the submit button.
  2. UAS Student Accounts will notify MBS Books to generate a voucher when your financial aid has been approved and is available for purchasing books
  3. When your voucher is available, MBS Books will send you e-mail notification to the e-mail address you provide
  4. Once you receive the e-mail notification, you can then go online and order your books at the UAS online bookstore. Please allow a minimum of 1 week processing time after order is placed.

Questions? Contact Julia Guthrie at 907-228-4530 or

Your Information
MBS Direct Bookstore Agreement

I understand that by submitting this MBS Direct bookstore voucher I am responsible for the costs that I incur purchasing books and supplies, whether or not I successfully complete the course(s). If I default on my student account, I promise to pay for the collection, attorney, and legal fees necessary for the collection of any amounts owed to the University of Alaska, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 40% of the debt. If I do not pay, the university may take my Permanent Fund Dividend under Alaska Statutes 14.40.251 and 43.23.073 and pursue other collection methods. I also understand that past due debt may be reported to credit bureaus.

Students may purchase books from any vendor of their choice.  Only MBS can offer you a voucher to charge your books toward your financial aid.  If purchasing from a vendor other than MBS you are responsible to ensure you're ordering the correct (and complete) set of required textbooks.  Reference ISBN numbers to ensure you have the correct book and edition.

Book purchasesBook rentals


Compare prices between online venders at

This list is provided as a service to students.  UAS Ketchikan does not guarantee the level of service from any of these vendors.


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