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Welcome to the UAS Ketchikan's Student Government

Student Government offers students a variety of opportunities to get involved. Students can develop leadership skills and strategies while making friends and having fun. Student Government works collaboratively with students, staff, and faculty to develop programs and support systems that reflect diversity, instill self-reliance, leadership and responsible action, and provide enrichment.  The Ketchikan campus student government is focused on building a sense of community among students.

Leadership positions include president, vice president, and a student representative. Activities are supported by student fees.


All students are encouraged to attend and to get involved!
President: Allie Hurley
Vice President:

 Kevin Mock

Student Representatives:


Email us at:

United Students of the University of Alaska Southeast Constitution and Bylaws

Prior Meeting Minutes

The Coalition of Student Leaders exists in order to promote communication between students on each campus of each university in Alaska; to improve the lives and leadership of the students of our universities; to provide for an effective and powerful student voice in matters effecting the University of Alaska; and to enable and develop the leadership for Alaska's future.

We highly advocate that you register to vote!

Stay informed about state issues and express your opinion.


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