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Dropped courses don't appear on your transcript. In most cases, a refund is issued.

Students may only drop a course during the first two weeks of the semester for full-semester courses. Short classes have prorated deadlines.


Auditing allows you to register for a class, without worrying about grades. An “AU” grade is earned, audited courses won't count towards a degree.  Adding or removing an audit status is only allowed in the first two weeks of a full semester class.


Withdrawing from a class will result in a  “W” grade. Students are encouraged to meet with their instructor or an advisor before withdrawing. Financial aid may be impacted and no refunds are available.

For semester length courses, students may withdraw after the drop period, through the 10th week of the semester. Short classes have prorated deadlines.

Credit/No Credit

The credit/no credit option is available for undergraduate degree-seeking students only. Students will be given credit toward graduation if performed at a level of ‘C’ (2.00) or above and a passing grade will appears as ‘CR’ on the transcript. If performance falls below that level, the course will not be recorded on the student’s transcript. Instructors are not informed if student chooses this option. One elective may be taken under this option each semester.  Major or minor requirements as well as general education courses are not allowed under this option.


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