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To support and celebrate faculty scholarship, research and creative activities, Egan Library staff:

  • Curate publication information and manuscripts for inclusion in ScholarWorks@UA which enables UAS faculty authors to share their work broadly in an open access repository. 
  • Host the UAS Authors' Reception with the Friends of the Egan Library (a network of the UAS Alumni and Friends Association) to celebrate members of the UAS community publishing scholarly and creative work in the previous year.  
  • Advocate for open access to scholarly literature.

Faculty Publications

Authors' Reception 

Kevin Maier, Sol Neely and Lance Twitchell show off their Golden Awards

Ernestine Hays is recognized at the 2017 Authors' Reception

An annual recognition of faculty scholarly and creative output, the event features remarks from a featured author, short readings and noteworthy golden awards for special achievements (Brevity Award/Shortest Title, Golden Tape Measure/Longest Title, Golden Brain/Unique Contribution to Zombie Lit).  The annual after-hours event is a major benefit for the Friends of the Egan Library Network and is held in the Egan Library.   

Authors' Reception Bibliographies & Programs


2020 Bibliography

2020 Program & Slides


2019 Bibliography

2019 Program


2018 Bibliography

2018 Program


2017 Bibliography

2017 Program


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