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The Egan Library Course Reserves Service allows faculty to designate materials to be held at the library to ensure equitable access by students to required course reading materials, which may be in short supply. Reserve materials are held at the Circulation Desk. Please allow for processing time by bringing in your materials and submitting forms at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to informing students that they will be available (processing time may be longer for items brought in after semester begins).

Online Reserves Request Form NEW (alternate, WORD & PDF)  

Effective January 2017: To streamline fulfillment of the course reserves process we are no longer offering custom checkout periods.  All course reserve items will have a uniform 3 hour checkout period with the option of overnight  (due during first open hour the next day) when checked out within 3 hours of library closing.  

We want you to be successful in your teaching and academic pursuits, and we want your students to be successful.  If there is a service not offered that you'd like to see, please make a suggestion

What can be placed on reserve?

Egan Library-Owned Materials: Egan Library books, DVDs, equipment (digital cameras, audio recorders, etc). 

Instructor Owned Copies: A barcode and call number will be placed on instructor owned items; if this poses a problem, let us know prior to processing.   These items can be held at the library after the semester is over or returned to the instructor.  Items will be tagged in the library database as UINSTRUCTOR so that they will not be returned to the General Collection.  

Photocopied Materials: Submit photocopied materials to the Library.  In order to comply with copyright laws (section 107 and 108 of PL 94-553), permission from the publisher must be obtained for the following situations:

  1. Continued use of photocopies (more than one term)
  2. Photocopying of an author's entire work
  3. Copying of more than one article of a copyrighted collection or periodical issue.

Faculty members will be responsible for obtaining permission from the publisher where needed and for providing the Library with such verification before the beginning of the second term that an item is on reserve. Please see Copyright FAQ for Faculty for more information about copyright laws.

Items Owned by Other Libraries: It is against general library ethics and the Interlibrary Loan code to place materials from other libraries on reserve. This includes items requested through Interlibrary Loan and other libraries in the Joint Library Consortium.

Call the Reference Desk 796-6502 or toll-free 1-877-796-6502 and give the information requested in order to establish your affiliation with UAS. or

Use the Easy Login Maintenance Option (ELMO) to reset your UAS network username and password. Then try gaining access to the database again.  If you have further difficulties, please contact the Help Desk.

Database licenses restrict access to faculty, students, and staff who are currently affiliated with UAS as well as members of the public who use Egan Library’s computers.


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