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1. What is Full Text Finder and what does it do?

Full Text Finder @UAS is a tool that provides links from a citation or abstract in a database or search engine to the electronic full text of the item, if available, or other options for obtaining the item.

2. How do I use Full Text Finder?

Full Text Finder is available from within databases that have been activated with Full Text Finder.

Individual references within the database will have a Full Text Finder @UAS button. This is usually shown on the brief reference record however on some databases it will only show when you look at the detailed reference record.

When you click the link, you will be connected directly to the full text if available online.  If Full Text Finder cannot locate the full text, the Full Text Finder Results menu will open, usually in a new browser window.   The menu will connect you either to the Egan Library catalog if the article is in our print journal collection, or to Illiad to request the article via interlibrary loan.

3. Often when I click on a full text link in Full Text Finder, I end up at a table of contents listing or a search screen. Why don’t I always link directly to the article?

Full Text Finder will take you as close to the full text of the article as possible within the parameters of the database providing the item. Some of our full text providers require you to navigate to the article from a search screen or table of contents listing. Check the citation for the article you need in order to locate it within the database.

4. Can I use Full Text Finder off campus?

Yes. Once you have logged on to any UAS database which is Full Text Finder activated, you will see the link next to your search results when applicable.

5. Does Full Text Finder work with Google Scholar?

Full Text Finder works with Google Scholar. To set up your Google Scholar session to work with Full Text Finder:

1. Connect to Google Scholar
2. Click 'Settings' (upper right corner of screen)
3. Click the Library Links section
4. Enter ''University of Alaska Southeast" in the search box and click 'Find library'
5. Click the "University of Alaska Southeast - Full text @ UAS Egan" option
6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'Save Preferences'.

After setting your preferences, you will now see a link for "Full Text Finder@UAS Egan" next to Google Scholar results that are available through Egan Library.

6. Where can I get more help using Full Text Finder?

For further assistance using Full Text Finder or other library tools, contact the Egan Library Reference Desk at 796-6502 or mail

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